Letter to the Editor

Beverly Peterson dress

Friday, March 10, 2017

Dear Editor:

Wanted to tell you an interesting story about the photograph of a dress in the Feb. 28 edition of the Daily Mail!

I wore that dress last summer for the Bushwhacker Royalty contest and last fall, helped Will with the Outdoor Living History day for the fourth graders, wearing the same dress. After being outside in it all day, I went into the museum to cool off and watch one of the presentations and in walked a woman carrying a large picture frame with many photos in it. When she saw me, she made the strangest face and almost looked like she could cry. She walked over to me and asked where I had gotten the dress, so I explained that I had borrowed it from the museum to wear for the royalty contest and that I had won! She then showed me the picture frame and it was full of photos of Beverly winning the contest in '76 wearing the same dress! We chatted for a few minutes and Mary Ellen just kept staring at the dress and soon asked if she could take a picture of me wearing it. She couldn't wait to show her family.

What are the odds of her bringing those pictures in as I was standing there wearing the same dress? It was a super cool day.

Thank you.

Megan Mason