Letter to the Editor

Support for planned peaceful protest

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Friends have brought to my attention the planned peaceful protest to happen in Nevada in Wednesday. They also told me some people were less than thrilled this has been organized, but I was hoping to lend some support for my hometown, even when unable to be there.

I think it speaks volumes of the times weíre in when the small town of Nevada is not only recognizing but actively taking part in such an important racial issue. The bravery of these peaceful protesters is something Iím proud of to have come from Nevada, MO.

As a nurse, I struggled to watch the George Floyd video, having seen patients struggle to breathe for medical issues before they passed. As a mother, I struggled because I canít imagine having to explain something so horrific to my children. As an American, Iím embarrassed that such a thing is STILL prevalent in our country. And as a white person, I will never truly understand the pain, uncertainty, and fear people of color experience every day in our country. However, in order to move forward, we must support those willing to stand for what is right, which is why I whole-heartedly support those bringing this issue to the forefront of our community. Opening up communication, even in Nevada, MO, is definitely a step in the right direction.

Lisa Pendrak