Kyle Sellars

Thursday, March 4, 2021

March 10, 1989- Feb. 26, 2021

Our beautiful boy, our big river, our no-fear son, our boy wonder, has flown on to another realm. To all that truly knew Kyle, he was too big for this world. Yet, he viewed himself as the world was too big for him. Kyle lived life fast and few could keep pace. His superpower was love. Like everything he ever attempted, it was full blown, get big, or stay home. Children loved him instantly, sensing he was part of their tribe. His sons, Kael Weston and Kellan Royce, adored him and he loved them full hearted, as his greatest gifts.

Kyle was blessed with many adventures during his life. He had traveled the world and much of the United States. He worked as a cell phone tower rigger and loved it. He never appeared so free as when he was on top of the tower. As large of life as Kyle was, the world challenged him right back with tortuous heavy feats. He fought a valiant fight to the end. The hearts of those who love him will never heal from missing him and his dorky, quick wit. The memories are massive and for each and every one, precious or fearful, those who shared memories with Kyle are blessed.

Kyle was blessed and shared by two Moms in this space. Mom Renee gifted him with wings and they traveled the word together. Mom Donna, a.k.a “Momma Bear,” gifted him with roots, the farm was his home. The shared love of Kyle being the inspiration. Kyle spent most of his life on the farm. Wildfowl hunting with his dad from the beginning and dragging geese that were bigger than him to the truck. Then, enjoying Granny’s homemade bread and fried chicken with taters ready upon their return. His dad and him were best buddies and cherished each other beyond this world.

Summers were spent camping, fishing, and growing gardens. His love of skateboarding was embellished by his dad building a mini skatepark out back of the house. Many ornery pre-teen and teen boys enjoyed it on Friday evenings. Kyle’s first pre-school teacher was his big sis Johna(fer). She conducted class daily for him. Often, she could be heard telling him “Pay attention Kyle!”. The times spent at Alley Springs canoeing and trying to traumatize their mom by tipping their canoe on purpose are close and dear to us all. The area is magic to the family, as the Sellars were original homesteaders. The peace Kyle and his dad felt there was undeniable.

Kyle and his brother Sage had a special brotherly love that has grown deeper through the years. They have shared their own moments that most of us will never know. Kyle showed his tender side to his only niece (Shorty) a.k.a Leona. He encouraged her and his nephews, Caden, Matthew, Jaxten, and newly baby Colson, with life and humor.

Kyle left us too young and is survived by several family members and friends. Many people await Kyle’s arrival to the other side including his Grandpa Floyd Sellars, Granny Deanna Sellars, Grandpa Spud Sellars, cousin Dustin Sellars, Uncle Russell Thogmartin, and Grandparents J.C. and Leona Smith.

We all have our own heart connection to this bigger than life personality that we will carry the remainder of our time here. We will forge forward and try to honor what time we were given. The times it becomes unbearable, we will listen to Jerry Garcia and look into Kyle’s boys’ eyes and “There He Will Be” standing tall in his “Kye-Dye.” - Momma Bear